Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick review

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I have great respect for Kat Von D because she is an outspoken Vegan and is an amazing artist. Over the years I’ve heard positive reviews about her makeup line and finally looked into it. All her products are cruelty free and have been since the creation of her line, and her makeup line is also moving towards becoming 100% vegan. I love supporting fellow vegans and it doesn’t hurt that her makeup is pretty great.


I think that anyone who wears makeup knows that liquid lipstick and matte lipstick have been huge over the past few years. But along with having beautiful matte lips comes a whole bunch of drawbacks. You always hear that matte lipsticks are super drying and patchy or bunch up weirdly. It is so hard to navigate which ones to buy when every makeup brand seems to be coming out with liquid lipsticks. I think that Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are some of the best.  Even though I have very dry lips, I don’t find these lipsticks to be too drying and, except for a few shades they aren’t patchy. I only have six of her twenty-eight shades, but I probably will get more later. I own Lolita, Lovesick, Mother, Bachelorette, Nosferatu, and Exorcism. I bought all of these from Sephora for $20 each.  Below, I get into all the particulars about each of the shades along with swatches.



I know that the most popular color of her Everlasting Liquid Lipstick is Lolita and I always thought that it would be way too brown for my extremely pale skin and naturally rosy lips. I ended up buying it and it is now, by far, my favorite color that I own. It honestly is one of the only browny nude lipsticks I have found that doesn’t make me look like a ghost. This color I find very easy to apply and not too drying. It definitely gets a bit uncomfortable when you have it on all day, but in my opinion any lipstick does. Seeing how the color is fairly light, I don’t find that it fades weirdly and it generally stays on throughout all eating and drinking.



The next shade that I have is Lovesick, which is a pinky nude. This color is almost the same color as my lips. It really is a my lips, but better shade. Just like Lolita this shade is so easy to wear. Seeing how it’s pale and if anything, comes off (not that it really transfers or comes off with food) it still looks fine because it is so close to my natural lip color. I bought this shade and Mother because I love wearing pinks in Spring and Summer. I like that Lovesick brightens my look without being a super vibrant color that requires me constantly checking it. All in all I love this shade and wear it a lot.



Mother is a beautiful deep pink. This shade is fairly new to me and I haven’t worn it that many times. It is pretty easy to apply, isn’t patchy at all and is transfer resistant. I really love wearing bright lipstick during this time of the year and pink shades go with my skin color the best. It isn’t my most worn simply because it is a deeper color and I tend to wear lighter shades on a regular basis. That being said, I have nothing negative to say about this shade.



I have owned Bachelorette for the longest out of all of the shades. Whenever I go to buy lipstick I’m drawn to reds because I want to be one of those women who effortlessly wear red lipstick everyday. Unfortunately, I will never be that woman, I drink way too much water and eat without regard for my lipstick. But enough about me being a monster. I really like this shade, it is a mix between pink and red. I love wearing this when I’m going out for the evening. Much like the lighter shades I own, Bachelorette is transfer resistant, isn’t patchy, and is very long lasting.



My lovely fiancé picked out the shade, Nosferatu, for me because he knows how much I love dark vampy reds. The color on this is beautiful, but as you can see from the swatch it is a bit patchy. You can get a pretty even color when you apply a couple layers of the lipstick, but it doesn’t ever look perfect. I also found that this color transfers a lot. The other shades hardly transfer at all, but this came off any time I drank or ate. The other problem is that when it did start coming off the inside of my lips don’t have any lipstick so there is a noticeable line. It does reapply fine, but you look crazy until you get the lipstick back on. It doesn’t get my stamp of approval seeing how I can’t even kiss the man who got it for me without getting red lipstick all over him.



Exorcism is my newest addition and I have to say I’m disappointed. I haven’t worn this yet except to swatch it and it went on very patchy. I’m hoping that the reasons it was so difficult to apply and was uneven is because I had done five lip swatches before, but I’m not sure. I’m determined to make this color work because I absolutely love it. I’m really into dark vampy shades, especially in the cooler months, but if I feel like it, I’ll rock it year round. I think with a lip liner under this shade it should look fine, but I have to mess around some more.

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