Summer Target Haul

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Gavrielle and Jordanna needed to spruce up their wardrobes for summer. They also decided to stop writing in the third person. So, naturally we decided to head over to Target to grab a few pieces. Target gets kind of a bad wrap, but the fact of the matter is their clothes are cute, affordable, and (for the most part) well made.  Believe it or not we aren’t sponsored by Target but we probably should be! Target please give us free stuff!



“I have a strange obsession with kimonos. It’s actually a problem, but I feel like they are the perfect piece for spring and summer (or any season in LA) because they are light enough that you aren’t super sweaty, but also protect my ghost complexion from burning. This gray tank top doesn’t look that interesting, but it is super soft and has a criss-cross pattern with the straps in the back. Of course I covered that with the kimono… but you should take my word for it. It’s cute.”

Tank top $12.99 from Target
Floral Print Kimono $22.99 from Target



“Flared pants! Flared pants! Flared pants! I used to think I looked short and fat in flared pants. But no longer. They are slightly distressed on the bottom. My legs feel so much freer than in a skinny pant. The shirt is very different than anything else in my wardrobe and I’m loving it. The cold shoulder and scalped sleeve paired with the pants make me feel like a 70 beaut. I’ve always dreamed of being a purse lady but in reality I’m a backpack girl all the way. This faux leather bag is a nice way to dress up a backpack.”

Flared Pants $29.99 from Target
Cold Shoulder Top $19.99 from Target
Faux Leather Backpack $29.99 from Target



“Ever since going vegan I’ve had a terrible time at finding bags that I actually like and are faux leather. This purse is the perfect size for all my everyday needs. It is a beautiful pinky nude color that goes with every outfit. I love carrying a light colored purse in the warmer months because it brings something bright to any outfit. For a Target purse (which generally fall apart immediately) it is surprisingly good quality. There is a detachable long strap so you can easily wear it over the shoulder or by the short handles.”

Faux Suede Purse $39.99 from Target



“As you can probably tell I’m a big fan of this sleeve style. But the great thing about this shirt is it’s actually a romper (or playsuit if you are unamerican, like European or something).”


A romper is a great alternative to wearing a skirt or a dress because it’s still flowy and fun, but has the comfort of shorts. It’s dark blue and light pink, two of my favorite color combinations. I love the tie at the waist because it shows I do indeed have a waist. Basically I feel like a hippie rockstar and it’s all I could ever ask for.

Romper $24.99 from Target



“I almost purchased the white and floral sandals Jordanna is modeling, but the truth is while I find them adorable, I just wouldn’t wear them. I’m a fan of more muted tones. Making these black knock-off Birkenstocks perfect for me. Birkenstocks are super on trend right now but they can be pricy and they are also real leather, making them a no in my book. These are all man-made materials and just more affordable.”


“The second I found these faux leather white floral Birkenstocks I feel in love. I even tried to convince Gavrielle that she would wear the floral ones but she settled for the black ones. I’ve been searching for a comfortable sandal that is easy to just throw on and these fit the bill. I have always been a huge fan of granny florals and I don’t think I’ve seen anything that is more granny floral than these shoes. I love the fact that the flowers are on a white background so the floral print really pops.”

Keava Footbed Sandals $29.99 from Target

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