3 quick and easy summer hairstyles

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Every time the summer rolls around I instantly hate myself for liking long hair. I just need to get my hair off of my neck and out of my face. These are three of my go to summer hair hairstyles. All of these styles work best with dirty hair because they hold better with some grit to your hair. Braids are also a fantastic way to disguise greasy roots. The day these pictures were taken my hair was filthy (how many of you could tell?).  I love braided styles because the messier the better. You don’t need to make your hair look perfect and it generally looks better when it isn’t perfect. Also they look so much more complicated then they actually are. Once you get a simple French and fishtail braid down these will take you ten minutes.

1. Two French Braids


This is the easiest out of all of the styles I’ll be showing you today and it is my most worn of all of them. This literally took me ten minutes without looking in a mirror. If you aren’t as comfortable French braiding your hair then you should look in the mirror. In order to do this style you will need a comb and two clear elastics. To start simply part your hair down the middle from the very front to the very back of your head. Secure one half with a hair tie and then thoroughly brush the other side. Grab a small amount of the brushed hair at the front of your head, leaving the majority as a curtain of hair. Separate the small handful into three sections and begin the braid. Here’s the part that defines the French braid: add an equal amount of hair from the curtain to the strand crossing the middle braid after each and every weave. If that explanation of a French braid was incredibly confusing there are a bunch of tutorials on Youtube. Simply repeat on the other side once your done with the first half. I like to tug out my braids a little and make them a little looser in order to make it appear larger and a bit messier. There, you are done! If anyone watches me on stream then they know this is a go-to hairstyle for me. I wear it all the time, especially when I realize it has been five days since I washed my hair. Oops.

2. Messy Bun with Two French Braids


A bun is a pretty universal I-don’t-want-to-deal-with-my-hair style. Instead of just doing a normal boring bun, a fun way to spice it up is by adding two small French braids on the crown of your head. This is actually the trickiest style in this list, but it still isn’t too difficult. I sectioned a few inches off the front of my hair from the rest. I then tied up my hair into a bun leaving the front out. I sectioned the front into two pieces. In order to get the braids to lay correctly you need to braid them away from your face. Take half of the hair sectioned off and secure it. With the other half take a small amount and begin the French braid slowly adding pieces. Once the braid reaches slightly past the top of your head continue with a traditional, normal braid, no longer adding pieces. Now do the other small braid exactly the same. If you haven’t already put the rest of your hair in a bun then do so now. Once you like your bun placement, wrap one braid at a time around the bun securing them with bobby pins. And then you are done and have a super cute hairstyle.

3. Fishtail Milkmaid Braid


I love this style because it looks like you spent ages on your hair doing a fancy up-do, but it is actually super easy. I tend to wear this when I’m going out somewhere nice and I don’t want to wear my hair down. You can do the same milkmaid style with a regular braid, but I think the fishtail adds a bit of edge to it. In order to do this style you need a comb, two clear elastics, and a shit ton of bobby pins. Simply part your hair down the center and all the way to the back of your head and secure one half of your hair. Comb through the hair and split it into two sections. You need to start the braid just under your ear in order to not have it too high or pull too much. So once you have two sections, take a small piece from the outside of one section and move it to the inside of the other section and then repeat this with the other side. You will be alternating back and forth like this until you are done. Try to get to the very end of your hair repeating this process and tie it off with a clear elastic band when you can go no more. Then do the other braid following the same process. Once you have both braids down, tug out your braid a bit to make it bigger. Then you’ll need to take one side and pin it on your head. Cross the other braid over and tuck the end under the other braid. Now just secure it with bobby pins and once you have something you like spray some hair spray to keep everything in place. It sounds difficult, but once you are comfortable doing a fishtail braid it is really easy.

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