4th of July Vegan Style

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Many people celebrate the Fourth of July by having a barbecue and drinking copious amounts of alcohol; I want to show you how a vegan does it. Most of this is a pretty normal day of eating for me. I try to stay consistent with the way that I eat because it makes me feel great. I also primarily stick to whole plant foods, and when I do eat processed food they are always vegan.

Every morning I begin my day by drinking a liter of water with the juice of one lemon squeezed in. I know. That is a lot of water. Trust me though; when you start the morning with proper hydration, the rest of the day feels so much better. I also find that it gives me a lot of energy and helps with digestion. I like to drink this before I eat anything, if I have time, just to set my body up for the day. This was a lazy day so I was able to drink my water and then start eating. I love having fruit for breakfast. It just makes you feel so light and satisfied and it is so sweet. I overestimated how hungry I was and was not able to eat all of this food. I ended up eating two of the peaches and about half of the cherries. On another note, can I just say that summer is the best. There are so many amazing fruits. After eating breakfast, my boyfriend and I headed to a park to play some soccer.


I feel like for most people a snack is a candy bar or some chips, but I feel like the best snack is fresh veggies with hummus or fresh fruit. I, like the domestic goddess that I am, packed a picnic for the park. After playing for an hour we both wanted a snack. He was so happy I brought some baby carrots, cucumber, and roasted red pepper hummus. We definitely didn’t eat all of this, but its always better to be over prepared.


We also packed ourselves sandwiches as our main meal. I brought coconut water to drink it with, which is my new favorite thing. I lived most of my life thinking that coconut was disgusting. A few months ago I had something with coconut flakes and liked them so then I started to try more coconut products to find out what I liked. I have discovered that I like coconut, but not sweetened coconut. I very recently discovered my love for coconut water. It is just so creamy and refreshing. I suggest trying it if you haven’t already. I think its a love or hate kind of food though. My boyfriend absolutely hates it. This sandwich was super simply and yummy. It’s just bread, avocado, red pepper hummus, pickles, arugula, and tomato. Not the most filling sandwich, but thats why we also brought a couscous salad for lunch.


This is the special part of lunch. I love couscous and tomatoes so I made this amazing salad. I used two cups of couscous (we didn’t even come close to finishing this), a giant heirloom tomato, parsley, a can of chickpeas, two lemons, and spices. This is such a quick and easy recipe and it is delicious, super healthy, and very filling. It’s one of my go-to recipes, especially for lunch. It’s an easy meal you can make it in just 15 minutes. We finished eating and kicked around the soccer ball a little more before we headed home.


After a few hours of binge watching Orange is the New Black we started getting a bit hungry and decided to go to our favorite spot: Oseyo Shabu Shabu. If you haven’t tried Shabu then you should. It’s a Japanese hot pot so you cook the food right in front of you in the soup base. I got the veggie option which comes with a bunch of fresh vegetables, rice, udon noodles, and shirataki noodles and ponzu (citrus and soy sauce) to dip the veggies in. It is one of my all time favorite places to get dinner. It’s a bit salty, but other then that it’s super healthy and extremely filling. Try to find a Shabu place around you and get this yumminess in your belly. I will say that some Shabu places are a bit sneaky with animal products so just double check at any restaurant to make sure everything is vegan friendly.



Seeing how it was the Fourth of July I decided I deserved a little bit of a treat. I hadn’t tried Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Chunky Monkey yet. This is the last thing I had for the night. I didn’t put this in a bowl because that would require deciding how much ice cream I wanted before I even started and that’s just no way to live. I didn’t have very much though because I was so satisfied by dinner and because it started to get too sweet. I think Ben & Jerry’s has some of the best vegan ice cream. It tastes so much like regular ice cream that I had to question if it is actually vegan. They may be lying to us, but it is a delicious lie. Throughout the day I had around 4.5 liters of water. Remember to drink enough water. I generally aim for 3 liters, but I was out in the hot sun for a few hours and had some salty food so I was really thirsty.

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