Alice Through the Looking Glass palette Review

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I’m not going to lie, I fell in love with Urban Decay’s Alice Through the Looking Glass palette the first time I saw it. I love everything related to Alice in Wonderland; it’s one of my favorite books and I always get excited when something related to it comes out. I mean, is this palette ridiculously large? Yes. Do I care? No. I mean come on, there is a 3D butterfly in the palette. What else could my inner five year old ask for? I’m not sure if the packaging should really draw me to the product, but Urban Decay did their job and got me to buy this palette. I love all the psychedelic colors and just everything about the packaging. I was sold before even touching any of the eyeshadows. I bought this palette from Ulta for $60. 

This was the first time that I used the palette and I wanted to get the most out of it, so I did an eye look with a causal eight eyeshadows. Before I started working with the shadows, I swatched every shade. Oh my god are they creamy and pigmented.  I fell in love after touching the first shadow. I annoyed the hell out of Gavrielle, who was taking the photos, because I kept just going “oh my god look how amazing and shinny this shade is.” It didn’t help that I did it with almost all of the shades… This palette is a dream come true. 


From left to right: Time, Heads Will Roll, Lily, Hatter, Looking Glass


From left to right: Dream On, Bandersnatch, Duchess, Gone Mad, Reflection


From left to right: Chronosphere, Salazen Grum, Kingdom, Paradox, Dormouse


From left to right: Mirror, Royal Flush, Chessboard, Cake, Metamorphosis

I apologize for my ghostly complexion making some of these colors seem translucent; it’s just because the pale pink shades are the same color as my skin. The only shades that didn’t swatch great were Heads Will Roll, Bandersnatch and Metamorphosis. Honestly, I won’t be getting a ton of use out of them anyway. The blue and green shades kind of scare me and I primarily wanted this palette for all the warm toned brown and pinky shades.  The colors I see getting the most use are the third set of swatches. That said, I know I’ll have an occasion or excuse to use every other color. I find that both the matte shades and the shimmery shades are creamy and highly pigmented.


Generally, I just completely ignore any brush that comes with a palette, but I decided to give this brush a go for this review. I was pleasantly surprised by this double ended brush. I used one side to pack shadow onto my lids and it picked up a decent amount of shadow and worked just fine. The other side I used for blending a transition shade into my crease. I have a brush that is shaped almost exactly the same as this end, but I have to say I prefer my other brush (Real Techniques duo-fiber eye brush). This brush worked okay, but it was a bit too stiff for blending and I don’t know how else I would use a brush that shape. All in all, the brush isn’t wonderful, but also isn’t terrible. I will use it again, but probably not all the time. 


Shadows used: Looking Glass, Lily, Reflection, Duchess, Salazen Grum, Chronosphere, Chessboard, Royal Flush

Around 30 minutes later I reached my final look. I used a total EIGHT shadows because I wanted to use a large selection of the twenty shades. Every shade that I used I absolutely loved. They all layered really well and I can see using some of these shades on an everyday basis. I definitely won’t be using so many shades on an everyday basis, but I really loved the effect of using all the shades at once.

In order to see the real lasting power of these eyeshadows I didn’t prime my eyes. I have to say I was a bit disappointed at the staying power. They didn’t crease at all, which is nice, but they did fade a lot throughout the day. Now that may be because I live in LA and its 90+ degrees everyday, and I am human so I sweat, or this experiment actually reflects how well they stay. I used some of the shadows again with a primer and they lasted really well. Again there was no creasing, and this time the shadows stayed true to color throughout the whole day. Again, the only reason I didn’t use a primer the first time trying them was to see how they worked by themselves (which wasn’t all that great).

In the end, I only have one thing to say: I love it. This is a gorgeous palette and I highly recommend it. The price does seem a bit steep at $60, but you get a palette that looks beautiful sitting on any vanity, a whole twenty shadows and a decent double ended brush.

Brushes used:

Sigma Tapered Blending – E40

Sigma Large Shader – E60

Sigma Eye Shading  – E55

Real Techniques duo-fiber eye brush

Real Techniques accent brush

Real Technique base shadow brush

Real Technique shading brush

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