Urban decay glitter eyeliner

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These eyeliners changed my life. I have never mastered or even attempted to master eyeshadow. If I’m honest I don’t ever wear it. I am also a glasses wearer on the daily. I feel that glasses can really detract from most eye makeup looks unless I go very heavy handed. I’m not against slapping a giant wing on my eye but it’s not something I feel like everyday. I have by no means mastered eyeliner, but I have accepted that when I do a wing they are going to look like sisters not twins. Now I can add glitter?!

Spandex swatch

From left: Spandex alone, Spandex over liquid liner.

I have the shade Spandex which is a dark blue. I put it over my Kat Von D tattoo liner in Trooper and it gives a subtle shine when the light hits it just right. I don’t know how other people are wearing it but I’m wearing it pretty much any day I want to wear makeup. The brush takes some getting used to but if you make a mistake it’s very easy to clean up because without a darker liner underneath it’s basically clear with loose glitter. I have yet to attempt a cat eye with the glitter but I’m very excited to try in the future.


I also recently bought ACDC which is a purple glitter and have yet to try it, but paired with a lavender lip it’s going to be a killer look. Not only that, but I am eyeing two more shades: Midnight Cowboy (which is a straight gold) and Glamrock (which is a straight silver.) The liners are $20 each. $20 feels pricey but I’ve never seen a liner like these before. I think they are a fun way to spice up your everyday makeup. A+++++++++

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