Awesome Vegan Purses

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The other day I was wandering around the mall waiting for a movie to start so I went into DSW, not that I needed to buy anything. I really love purses; I got rid of most of mine after going vegan so I’m constantly on the hunt for good quality vegan leather bags. I went over to the purses and saw a wall of clutch bags with awesome floral designs. If you know me you know that I love floral prints. I figured it wouldn’t be vegan, but thought it was worth looking. Surprise, they are vegan! The company is called Urban Expressions. They are a PETA certified vegan company. How cool is that? I was so excited when I saw that they are certified vegan on the tag that I ended up searching around DSW’s entire purse section to find any other Urban Expression bags. Thankfully, I did. These bags are very well made, high quality, and reasonably priced. It’s pretty easy to find faux leather bags from cheap stores, but they always fall apart quickly. I’m so excited to find a high quality brand with vegan bags. I’m definitely going to check out their website and possibly buy more purses.



I saw this bag and fell in love. The florals and the gold… I mean how could anyone not like this? It really is a beauty. I didn’t own a clutch and figured it was time that I got myself a nice evening bag. I haven’t worn this out yet, and I didn’t think about what outfits it would go with. I think this purse will look beautiful with a simple outfit both in the day and at night. I regularly wear blue ripped jeans and a white t-shirt so I could easily throw this on and instantly add something interesting to my outfit. Sadly, I couldn’t find this on DSW’s or Urban Expressions’ websites, but I bought it for $34.99 at DSW.




I somehow didn’t own a black purse. Don’t ask how that ended up happening because I don’t know…Okay, I’m going to level with you. I do actually know how that happened. I am more drawn towards brown bags and colored bags. So I needed a basic black bag. I found this beautiful large black purse with gold hardware. Most of my purses are a lot smaller than this; years ago I had a terrible habit of carrying my entire life around with me and smaller bags stopped me from continuing this bad habit. Now I kind of need a bigger bag for work. I’m constantly having to bring products to the office to work. This bag is the perfect size for that. I can fit in all of my everyday essentials, lunch, and a sweater. This way I can bring just one bag as opposed to two bags. The Only thing I would change about the bag would be adding a few pockets inside. I love it and it has turned into my everyday bag. I couldn’t find this bag on the website but I found it for $59.99 at DSW.



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