What’s in my Suitcase for a Fall Vacation

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Alan (my fiancee) and I are heading out of town for a week and I figured you may be interested in the things that I bring with me. We are going to Boston so it will be quite a bit colder there than here in LA. I’m super excited because I love fall and Boston and together they’re perfect. Part of the reason that I love it there so much is because it is where Alan and I fully fell in love. I know, I know, I’m so sappy. Alan went to college in Boston and I went to college in LA and we went back and forth to see each other for the first two years of our relationship. Because of this, Boston holds a very special place in my heart. Fun fact: the first time I went to Boston to visit Alan was exactly four years ago. That trip was the first time I truly experienced the Fall season and made me realize I was going to spend the rest of my life with Alan. Okay, enough about my love life. On to packing.


I know I said I would start telling you what I packed, but honestly how ridiculous is my cat? Some furry creatures I happen to live with decided it would be fun to play in my suitcase.

Okay, so we are going to be there for a full week and we haven’t really planned anything. This makes packing a bit tricky, but we decided we aren’t doing anything particularly fancy. I’m bringing all casual clothing with a few nicer tops that I could dress up a bit. In terms of clothing, I’m bringing ten tops, two pairs of jeans, two jackets, one sweatshirt, three scarves, a pair of boots, white converse, a large floppy hat, a baseball cap, a beanie, three pairs of sunglasses, pajamas, ten pairs of underwear, three bras, and too many socks. This probably sounds like way too much clothing, and you know it probably is. The way I like to pack clothes is to make sure that everything goes together. I could wear all of the shirts I’m bringing with either pair of pants and shoes. This gives me flexibility because future Jordanna never listens to what past Jordanna planned to wear. I know, I didn’t take a picture of all of the clothes I’m bringing, but that’s because I’m going to a do a separate outfit post next week.


Thankfully I don’t have a very intensive skincare routine because I don’t have tons of room in my suitcase. Some greedy guy took half of it. For my toiletries bag I just have the essential shampoo and conditioner (I have no idea if these are good, I got them in a vegan beauty box). I’m bringing a Body Shop body butter because it is the only thing that gives some life to my leathery, dry skin. I didn’t think I could join the natural deodorant  bandwagon, but the LaVanilla Sport Deodorant actually works and smells amazing. As you may be able to tell, I love Lush. I use the Angels on Bare Skin face wash (when I’m not wearing makeup), Breath of Fresh Air toner, Celestial moisturizer, and R&B leave-in conditioner. They are all great products, and really helped clear up my skin. Things that aren’t picture that I will bring are a toothbrush and toothpaste, because I’m not an animal.


I really wanted to bring more makeup then this, but I knew that Alan would tell me I was being ridiculous if I tried to bring ten lipsticks. I have a bunch of makeup brushes and a brand new Beauty Blender (one of my cats has a habit of using them as a chew toy). I’m bringing Urban Decay’s Naked Ultimate Basic palette. This palette is fantastic and you should buy it if you love nude matte shadows. Another standout that I’m bring is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit. I’m sure if you love makeup you have heard everyone raving about these and they aren’t lying. You will glow like no other with these highlighters. The lipsticks I’m bringing are Urban Decay Vice lipstick in shades Hex and Tampered and Tarte’s lip sculptor in Flirt and Pixie. Everything else is my everyday makeup and not that interesting.

That’s everything that I’m bringing with me on my trip! I hope that this gives you inspiration of what to pack on your next vacation.

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