A Geek’s Guide to Gifts Over $30

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It’s not the price tag that makes a gift awesome. Sometimes though, you want to spend a few extra dollars on that special person in your life. When you believe the person is worth the money, and you know they have a strong geeky side, these are the gifts you should consider buying them in the next coming weeks.

Mayan Pokemon Print 16×20 ($30)


Retronerdstudio on Etsy has a wonderful collection of iconic video game characters re-imagined as if they came from a Mayan temple. This print depicting the three legendary Pokemon from the third generation is my personal favorite; the epic struggle between these three sounds like it came straight out of Mayan mythology (there’s a flying serpent for crying out loud!)

Scott Pilgrims Precious Little Boxset ($44.35)


Scott Pilgrim is a great graphic novel series. Although there are geek tropes galore and a sincere appreciation for geek culture, the crux of the story is universal: relationship struggles. No character is wholly good or wholly bad; they’re just people trying to make sense of other people and their emotions. The series was adapted into a cult classic film; I’d recommend checking it out first. If the person loves the movie, there’s a strong chance they’ll love the graphic novels even more.

Harry Potter: 8 Film Set ($54.96)


With the release of the blockbuster Magical Beast and Where to Find Them, I could not help but notice more and more people don’t have a complete set of the original movies. A lot of life long fans, myself included, didn’t buy all the films or bought them long ago. VHS cassettes are relics now and DVD’s are phasing out. Treat a fan to the whole set and see that nostalgia magic bring a smile to their face. At under ten dollars a film, not including the special features, those are hours and hours of quality and inexpensive entertainment.

Twilight Struggle ($59.50)


Up until this year, this was the highest rated game on the Board Game Geek website. Warning, this game is not for the casual board game enthusiast. An average game last four hours and can only seat two players. The paranoia and politics of the Cold War Era serve as the battleground for the two players. The two players assume control of either the USA or USSR in a quest to dominate the political landscape of the world. History buffs, especially those interested in the Cold War, will get a kick out of how well the cards and mechanics are researched. It is one of the best board games ever and a must have for hard care players.

N7 Faux Leather Jacket ($78.40)


The N7 logo is a symbol of hope and perseverance for any gamer who played the Mass Effect series. This jacket allows you to wear that logo with pride, but also makes you look damn good while doing it. The colors and lines echo the N7 armor worn by Commander Shepard in the game, but look retrofitted to fit into our current aesthetic. It’s a jacket that represents the best of geek chic and a wonderful addition to any gamer’s wardrobe.

Lego Millennium Falcon ($119.00)


Everyone grew up with Legos, right? Everyone understands that nothing quite captures the sense of wonder and satisfaction as creating something amazing out of seemingly random bricks. There is only one thing that makes playing with Legos better: playing with Star Wars Legos. Build the legendary Millennium Falcon and bask in its glory. This model comes with figurines from The Force Awakens, so you can recreate your favorite moments from the last film or stage them as a display for all your friends to admire. It’s the most expensive thing on the list, but considering its strong geek appeal, it’s worth the excitement it is sure to bring to anyone who gets this as a gift.


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