Gift Guide For Women Who Don’t Fit A Label

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I’m a notorious last minute gift buyer. The stress of finding a decent gift so late is never fun so I’ve decided to start gift buying now. I made a nice list of awesome products so it’s easier for you to find gifts and avoid the stress so common during this season. Most of these are geared to the more feminine folk, but there are also a few gifts that are more on the nerdy side. All of these items are worth the money and would make wonderful gifts even if it’s just a gift to yourself.

Miss Peregrines Peculiar Children Box Set By Ransom Riggs $34.18

Publisher: Quirk Books Author: Ransom Riggs

These books are getting a lot of attention because the movie just came out, but I have loved them for years. I was lent the first of the three books and very quickly finished it. I impatiently waited for the second one to come out and then repeated the process with the third book. Don’t discount these books simply because they are YA fiction. Riggs got inspiration for these novels from vintage photographs he found at swap meets and then created a fascinating world around them.  Not only is the world built magically, but the characters are so extremely interesting. Anyone who is into fantasy or the extraordinary would love these books.

BeautyBlender Set $40.00

BeautyBlender Cleaner Set

I absolutely adore Beauty Blenders and can’t do my makeup without one. This is a great deal at $40.00 because one beauty blender costs $20, so you are essentially getting the cleanser for free. These sponges are only good for about 3 months, or less if your furry friends get ahold of them. This would be a great gift for anyone beauty obsessed or for someone just getting into makeup.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Palette Color Wheel $44.00

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Palette Color Wheel

I recently bought this palette and it is amazing. All the blush shades are beautiful and different. Tarte’s blushes are fantastic, they are long wearing and have just the right amount of pigment. You get ten deluxe size blushes in a verity of different colors. Most of the blushes are matte, but there are some with shimmer. All in all, this is a wonderful palette and would be great for travel.

Purple Chrome Xbox 360 Controller $45.99



I was just recently given this beautiful purple chrome controller and it is amazing. It is really good quality and feels great in your hands. The Chrome series of controllers all look great and are made of higher quality pieces than the standard matte controller. I highly recommend this for anyone who either has a Xbox 360 or uses a controller when playing computer games. This is wireless so make sure you get a wireless receiver also. If you want a different color they have a bunch of similar priced controllers in an array of colors on amazon.

Kat Von D Everlasting Mini Liquid Lipstick Set $49.00

Kat Von D

I love Kat Von D’s liquid lipsticks and this is a great value gift. This is eight deluxe size liquid lipsticks in some of her most popular shades and a few new shades. This is a wonderful selection of colors anywhere form nude to blue. I haven’t personally tried all of these shades, but everything I have tried from this line has been beautiful. This set is completely vegan and cruelty free on top of being just great makeup. I think anyone who likes to experimentl with their lipstick would love this set. It would also be a wonderful gift for any vegans who love makeup because most vegan makeup is subpar.

Matt and Nat Vegan Leather Wallet $75.00

Copyright: 2016 Matt & Nat

Matt and Nat has beautiful vegan leather goods. I recently bought this wallet and it is amazing. Okay, it might be weird to praise a wallet so much, but pretty much everyone uses a wallet. I found that giving gifts that are both useful and pretty are greatly appreciated, and this wallet definitely fits those two categories. Part of the reason I think this wallet is such a great deal is because of the amount of compartments. It actually holds everything you need and a little bit more. It also comes in a bunch of other different colors. Matt and Nat also offer a ton of other wallets for both men and women. They also have backpacks and purses, which are all beautiful and are a good price for the quality.

Wills London Brogues Chestnut $85.00

Wills London

I think one of the hardest part about being vegan is finding high quality shoes, but I found a fabulous brand: Wills London. They honestly look and feel so much like leather I couldn’t believe that they are vegan. All of their shoes are Peta certified vegan. These brogues are my pick because they are classic and sophisticated. They would make a good addition to any woman’s wardrobe. They also have beautiful mens shoes, which are all also vegan. I know it’s a bit risky buying shoes for someone, but damn these are gorgeous. If you feel buying shoes is too risky they also have belts, wallets, and purses.

YCL Jewels Constellation Necklace $118.00

Copyright: 2016, YCL Jewels

I have heard great things about this brand and I’m dying to buy some of their jewelry. It is all handmade in Australia and the woman who runs the company is vegan. If you are looking to buy delicate pieces of jewelry then this is the place for you. I will warn you though: because everything is handmade to order, you need to allow up to a month for delivery. I know this may seem expensive for such a delicate piece of jewelry, but the quality and craftsmanship is worth the price.


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