Winter Break Equals Party Game Time!

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Congratulations! Winter is either here or just around the corner! That means you’ll finally have the free time you sacrificed these last months! Personally, I love spending my free time with my friends and family around the kitchen table. If I had my way, we would play games all day. If you’re someone with similar interests and want to take advantage of this new freedom, check out these three party games that are sure to delight everyone.

Formula D

Ever dreamt of being a race car driver? Ever dreamt of zipping through the streets faster than any rational person should? If so, this game is for you. You and your friends are race car drivers weaving your way through the streets of Monaco. Each turn, each player will take turns rolling dice to move forward and try to cross the finish line first. Sounds easy, right? What I left out was that this game has perhaps the best use of different sized dice in any game I’ve ever played. Each turn you can opt to change gears either up or down; changing gears represents using a bigger or smaller sized dice respectively. Why would you ever go down you ask? Because if you turn through a corner too fast, you run the risk of spinning out and going out in a glorious ball of fire! Seriously, this game is the best racing game I’ve ever played in a tabletop. Warning! The board is huge and the car pieces can be hard to distinguish at times, but it’s a blast to play and it can seat up to 10 players!



The 2016 Spiel Des Jahres winner (the tabletop equivalent of the Oscars), this game revolves around team work and clever communication. You are a member of one of two rival spy organization: the Reds or the Blues. Your mission, have your team leader guide you to your operatives before the other team contacts theirs. It’s another kind of race! One catch, only the team leader knows the codenames of your operatives and can only hint at their identity by using one synonym at a time. Maybe he or she will be clever enough to find a word that could refer to two or more agents at once.

This game is a lot of fun because it’s easy to pick up. The game isn’t challenging to play; the difficulty is set by the cleverness of the people at the table. You might start to realize as you play with friends that you’ll use a word in a way that only particular people will understand. In a way, you and your friends have your own spy language that you didn’t even know you developed! Go forth and live your spy dreams!


Smash Up

Have you ever debated who would win a hypothetical fight? For example, who would win if pirates fought against ninjas? Or would a zombie horde overwhelm the technology of invading aliens? This game has one simple mission: to name an undisputed winner to these debates once and for all.

Each player chooses two factions represented by a deck of cards, combines them, and forms a super team of fighters. Personal favorite: Dinosaur-Ninja combo! Each player takes turns placing minions on different bases until the base is ready to collapse. Players earn points depending on the relative strength of the minions on a given base. The base game seats up to four players. This game is fun so long as everyone at the table gets into the spirit of the wacky premise. The more people embrace the absurd combination of warlock-robots or fairy-aliens, then the game is a ton of laughs. Make sure to have some way to keep track of points; the game can get very cluttered with so many people. First player to hit a designated amount of points wins. Who would have thought, yet another kind of race.

I really hope you all have a wonderful break and enjoy quality time with your dear ones.

Happy Holidays!

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