My First Vlog! Plus An Overnight Oats recipe

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I’m so excited to announce that I’m starting to vlog on youtube! I’ve been wanting to do this for over a year and finally decided to just start. I’m a little scared you will find out I’m actually a complete weirdo, but I guess that’s bound to happen anyway. I hope you enjoy this video and are excited for more to come.

I was meal prepping in this video, which I was very positive about this week. Only time will tell if I keep this upbeat attitude towards. I mean, you might notice that by the end of the day I had lost the will to cook anymore, but I got it all done anyway. I made a few different meals in this video, but my favorite, and the one I continue to make, is overnight oats. This recipe is ridiculously easy to make and customize. If you aren’t a fan of the berries that I put on top then just switch up the fruit.

Overnight oats topped with strawberries and toasted buckwheat groats.


  • 1 cup oats
  • 1 cup non-dairy milk
  • 1 tsp flax seed
  • 1 tsp chia seeds
  • sweetener to taste
  •  Topping (banana, fresh berries, nuts, buckwheat groats, peanut butter, ect.)

Mix oats, milk, flax seeds, and chia seeds in a container. Place in the fridge overnight. In the morning grab your oats and mix liquid sweetener in and top with fresh berries or any topping of your choice. Enjoy!


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