Cruelty Free Beauty Haul

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I picked up a few of my beauty essentials and also some other products that looked interesting and I probably didn’t need. I look for cruelty-free items and try my best to buy only vegan products. Ideally everything would be cruelty-free and vegan, but unfortunately that isn’t the world that we live in. I know this will divide people, but I like to support brands that are cruelty-free and have some vegan products but aren’t entirely vegan. I think that it shows a market for vegan products and the hope is that more brands will take notice and start making vegan products to meet the growing demand. It can be tricky to figure out what products are vegan. Generally, a brand’s Website will address it in their FAQ or will list it in the description of the product. Alternatively, there are many blogs that have lists of vegan products for specific brands.

I think that most essential thing about being vegan is doing your best to stop animal suffering and not about living a perfect vegan lifestyle. No one is a perfect vegan nor will anyone ever be able to be perfect. Don’t worry about all the bullshit that is vegan policing. The motivation for being vegan and the ethics behind it is deeply personal. For me, personally, it is much more important that products are cruelty-free then products being vegan. That might not be true for others. Where you stand ethically is what is most important. Whatever your stance is there will be some internet troll that disagrees with you. I can elaborate on this in a longer blog post if anyone is interested.

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