What I Eat in a Work Day (Vegan)

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In this video I take you through what I eat in a pretty typical workday. For lunch I had leftover Spanish rice with beans and veggies. What I want to talk more about is my adventures learning how to make Spanish rice. Now I used to just buy boxes of Spanish rice mix and always thought it was good. That was until I tried my mother-in-laws. (she isn’t technically my mother-in-law yet, but for simplicities sake I will refer to her as such) Her rice changed my life forever. It took me about three and half years of dating Alan and me constantly saying that I wanted her to teach me how to cook her recipes before she demonstrated how she makes it. Well I would love to give you a recipe for the rice, but there really isn’t one. I’ve watched her make rice many times now and she eyeballs it every single time, which means that I have not evenly remotely mastered the ‘recipe.’

Making the rice isn’t nearly has difficult as you’d think (not that I’m a master), but there are a few different steps. First you have to make the sauce from tomatoes, bell peppers, and onions. Then you have to toast the rice. I have trouble with this step. How the hell can you tell that rice is toasted? In theory, you use a little oil and toast the rice, and then somehow use the right ratio of sauce to water. I will say, I improve my rice a little every time I make it. Hopefully in 30 years my rice will be as wonderful as my mother-in-law’s. Don’t you worry. Once I figure it out I will share the recipe.

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