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Alan bought me tickets to see Idina Menzel for Christmas and the concert finally rolled around, so I wanted to share it with everyone. I barely knew any of her songs besides songs from musicals and of course “Let it Go.”

At the end of the video I mention my thoughts on Idina Menzel and her concert. One thing I didn’t mention was just how long she spent singing “Let it Go.” Early on in the concert she swore and then apologized because she has so many young fans. She promised she would honor them by singing some songs from Frozen. I by no means was swept away by “Frozen” and I was tired of hearing “Let it Go” and “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” constantly. Seriously, why did every gym play “Let it Go” on repeat? I definitely didn’t need to hear it while working out. At least it’s no longer on the radio. As you might tell, I was less then enthused to hear that she would be doing Frozen, but I figured it would be as quick as any other song. Oh how mistaken I was.

First off she sang “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” and I was like “okay, fine. This isn’t too bad.” Then she started doing “Let it Go” and had everyone sing along a couple of times. Fine. But then she had every little girl and boy in the theater come up on stage and sing with her. Seriously. She brought 30 kids up on the stage to sing with her and then sang the song around 8 times.  The stage crew had a mission to get them all up there and make sure they did not fall off. Then of course, it took forever for them all to leave. It was just unnecessary for her to spend so much time singing “Let it Go.” It didn’t help that this was the end of the concert and I had already been sitting in the cold for 3 hours. Let’s just say the cold very much bothered me.

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