Spring Makeup Essentials

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It’s getting really warm in LA and I’ve completely mixed up my makeup for Spring. I love a natural glowy look as a change from the vampy looks I did throughout winter. As always, all of the products I discuss are cruelty-free. Everything that I’ve using lately is very light and either nude or pink tones. I’ve been very into the pink trend this spring, and I like incorporating it not only in my clothes but also my makeup. I haven’t been putting anything on my eyes besides mascara and sometimes eyeliner so I’m going to focus on face products and lip products. All the face products are geared towards light skinned tones because they are all very pale nudes and pink and won’t be dark enough for darker skin tones. At some point I’ll convince Alan to wear makeup and get to play with darker shades, but at this point I only know how to do makeup for my very pale skin.

Face Products
Hourglass Powders/ Blushes

This pallet was limited edition, but you can buy other pallets from Hourglass and individual powders. I’ve gotten so much use out of this pallet because I use the top powders to set my foundation or as a subtle highlight, and the bottom left two are blushes. The bottom right powder is a bronzer. Not only do I use this on my face, but I also like using them on my eyes. I find putting a swipe of subtle highlighter across my eyes give them some life without doing an entire eyeshadow look. When I set my whole face with the powders I tend to look a bit greasy, but if I just use them where I want a glow it looks great. They are gorgeous powders.

Similar products:

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in ‘Light Bronzer’

I definitely bought into the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer amidst the hype in the beauty community on youtube, and I’m not disappointed. One of the selling points that people always talked about was the coconut scent. Now I really like eating coconuts, but I absolutely hate the scent. The first time I tried the bronzer the scent lingered on my face and I hated every second of it. I stuck with it though and now I really like it. Sometimes the scent hits me and I feel like throwing up, (I really don’t like coconut scents), but the majority of the time I can’t smell the coconut. I bought this in the lighter shade because bronzer is always too dark on my skin, and this is such a great color. It isn’t too orange toned and gives a beautiful bronze glow. I think it looks really natural while giving my face some life. Believe the hype!

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour blush in ‘Exposed’

As you can tell from this blush it is well loved. Tarte blushes are pretty much the only blushes that I use, and the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour blush in ‘Exposed’ is my favorite, especially right now. It is barely there, but gives just the right amount of flush. I would recommend trying any of Tarte’s Amazonian Clay blushes because they are long lasting and blend beautifully. I own a bunch of different shades and they are all gorgeous.  “Expose” is great because it isn’t too heavy and it is matte, so I can decide just how much glow I have on my cheeks. That is one of the reasons I prefer this blush over the Hourglass blushes. All the Hourglass products I try are shimmery. Sometimes you just want a matte look.

Lip Products
Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in ‘Sake’

I absolutely love Bite Beauty lipsticks because they are so comfortable on the lips. “Sake” is the perfect color for me when I want a good everyday shade that isn’t nude. This shade has a lot of pink in it and pops on my pale skin. I don’t think it’s too vibrant to wear everyday, but it is still clearly pink. The Amuse Bouche lipsticks are a cream formula which is incredibly moisturizing. They describe this shade as a dusty mauve which is definitely describes “Sake”. I find that mauve shades are very flattering with my pale skin and pink undertones. Anything too Barbie Pink makes me look pinker which is never good. This one compliments my skin and still allows me to wear pink lipstick. I just love everything about it. If this specific shade isn’t your cup of tea I would definitely suggest trying a different shade. I pretty much want every single shade they make.

Tarte color splash hydrating lipstick in ‘rum punch’

I recently wandered around Sephora and noticed the new Tarte color splash hydrating lipsticks. Everyone online said they were really good so I of course I bought a shade. I opted for the shade “Rum Punch” because I wanted a light nude for everyday wear. The majority of the color splash lipsticks are nudes so it was so hard to choice just one. I love this lipstick and I’ve been wearing almost every single day. It is slightly lighter than my natural lip color, but it doesn’t wash me out at all. It is just the perfect nude for me. The formula is also really nice. It is matte, but isn’t drying at all and feels comfortable on the lips. I think one of the best parts of this lipstick is the packaging. I mean seriously, how beautiful is the blue tube? It is extremely pretty and feels luxurious. It makes me love the lipstick even more, and of course I want to buy more shades.

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