VEGANS DO EAT PROTEIN?! | What I Eat in a Day

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My diet has changed since starting to exercise more, namely by eating more protein. Before, I usually ate whatever healthy food I wanted. I did not focus too much on how much fat, carbs or protein I had in my diet. Now I’m working with a personal trainer. He suggested I eat more protein because it will help me build lean muscle. I’ve only had five sessions with my trainer and I’m already seeing differences in my body. I think this protein thing is helping. He wants me to track all my calories, which I’ve been doing some but not every day.

When I wasn’t worrying about my protein intake I would center a meal around either a vegetable or a starch. Now I’m focusing my meals around proteins. So this means I’m eating more tofu, faux meats, legumes, nuts, and seeds. I’ve also started putting protein powder in my morning smoothie bowls. That has lead to a search for a vegan protein powder that doesn’t taste like dirt. When I find one I will share it with everyone. I prefer either a pea or rice based protein powder because consuming too much soy can lead to health issues. Having more protein in my diet so far has been great. I’m staying full longer and therefore eating less. I’m still eating a ton of fresh veggies, but this is a more balanced diet than before. So yes, vegans can get enough protein.

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