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I wanted to mix up my wardrobe for spring so I decided to do a little online shopping and bought a few pieces from Old Navy. I seem to always find myself not having enough tops. Of course by that I mean I have a ton of shirts, but I never want to wear any of them. One day I was feeling like nothing in my wardrobe was cute and trying on 38912 outfits before I finally settled on a shirt that I felt gross in, but I need to leave the house. Naturally this made me go online and try to find some cute options. I enjoy shopping at Old Navy because they have inexpensive clothing that are well made and cute. I tried to restrain myself this time and only buy a few items, but I also wanted to share them.

I mention a few times in the video that I find it really important to feel good in the clothing that you wear even if you aren’t happy with your size. I’ve struggled with my weight even since I was about 10 (thanks faulty thyroid for screwing me over) so I’m very used to not feeling happy in clothing. From personal experience I’m happier with my body and have healthy habits when I’m comfortable in my clothing. When things feel too small or I feel unattractive in them then I tend to think what’s the point in eating healthy I’m already not the size I want to be. So to stop myself from self-sabotage I buy a few new pieces of clothing when I’m feeling this way. I’ve done the opposite and decided I wasn’t going to buy anything because I wanted to loose weight, but sometimes that doesn’t happen as quickly was you want it to and you just have to buy a few things to make your feel better.

Mentioned in the video:

Black Lace Up Top ($19.94)
Pink Tank Top (16.94) 
Yellow Blouse ($29.94)
Blue Blouse (29.94)
Watermelon Button Down ($24.94)
Pinstripe Tunic ($26.94)

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