VegFest 2017 | Vlog

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Alan and I went to the LA VegFest and ate a bunch of yummy vegan food, bought a few cool items, and roasted in the sun.  Products mentioned in the video: and Go Vegan Chicks.

Festivals sound wonderful to me in theory, but in practice I don’t love them. I love the idea of mingling with a bunch of like minded people while looking at products and food that I like. That being said I hate crowds and the heat. This Sunday was an especially warm day and my body does not deal with high temperatures well at all. Seriously the heat affected me for days afterward. The crowds weren’t that bad unless you were trying to buy anything. The lines for the food made the whole event hard to enjoy. Alan and I were starving when we arrived and we waited over an hour to order and get our food. Combine that with 90 degree weather and you get a grumpy Jordanna.

Now lets talk about the food. I didn’t actually eat that much at VegFest. This was both due to long lines and high prices. I didn’t want to spend tons of money on food so I only got a few things. The best food that I had was from Mommy Tang. If you aren’t familiar with her youtube channel, and you like Korean cooking, I would highly recommend checking her out. She did a cooking demo at one of the tents and then passed out samples of her food. It was so delicious! It refueled my desire to learn how to cook more Asian dishes. The second best dish I had was the donut from Donut Friend. I’ve been vegan for over a year and half and I’ve tried a fair amount of vegan donuts, but none come close to Donut Friend. Most vegan attempts at making donuts end up tasting too bready or bland. The donut tasted like a regular donut; just a good old, delicious donut.  If you are in the LA area go try their food. I know I’ll be sampling a few more.

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