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So my last what I ate in a day video I mentioned that I was changing my diet to incorporate more protein into my diet and that I was eating a lot more faux meat in order to do it. Well that quickly ended. All the faux meat was making me feel horrible so I went back to focusing on whole foods and getting protein from legumes, tofu, and protein powders (that aren’t just sugar/crap). I kept mentioning in the video that I found a pea protein that I actually like. Most protein powders taste horrible and are full of crap so I was really excited when I found protein powder that has one ingredient and tastes fine.

I stupidly never actually showed you the protein power, but I found a link to it online so here it is: 365 Organic Pea Protein. This protein powder has one ingredient (pea protein isolate) which is one of the reasons I was attracted to it. I like to buy things that have as few ingredients as possible and don’t have a bunch of things that I can’t even pronounce. I’ve only had this protein powder mixed into a smoothie or in oatmeal so I don’t know how it tastes just mixed with non-dairy milk or water. Mixed into things the taste is barely noticeable. There is a very subtle pea flavor that I don’t mind at all. I really enjoy the taste of most green veggies so it add flavor to my (generally) green smoothies. I recommend trying this powder if you have a hard time stomaching most protein powders and want something more natural.

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