Vegan Cuts July Snack Box Review

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I have to say I was unimpressed with this selection of snacks. I wasn’t really too excited about many of the products, and was unimpressed with the amount of protein snacks. These snacks were so disappointing that I couldn’t even pawn two of them off on anybody else. That’s how bad they were. I’ll stop bitching and just let you read my thoughts on all the individual products.

D’s naturals the no cow bar chocolate fudge brownie

This smells exactly like chocolate laffy taffy so already not off to a great start. When I took a bite out of this it very briefly tasted like chocolate laffy taffy and then the overwhelming powdery sensation began. It tasted like I took a straight spoonful of chocolate protein powder with a bad aftertaste. I took one bite and forced Alan to eat the rest because I couldn’t stomach anymore of it. This is honestly one of the worst protein bars I’ve ever tried.

Orgain Organic Protein plant based bar peanut butter

First off this came with a $5 off coupon that expired on June 30th, which is before this box even shipped. An added kicker is that this expires in five days so I would have to eat it immediately. Well to finish it off this bar is definitely bad. I took one bite and it was clearly stale. I don’t know if this is Orgain or Vegan Cut’s issue, but I am not pleased I got send a bad protein bar. I have no idea whether or not this tastes good because I was sent a stale bar.

Kutoa Chocolate banana

This is definitely the best tasting protein bar of all of the ones in this box, but that isn’t saying very much. I couldn’t taste any chocolate. It just has a very strong banana flavor. I’m generally not a big fan of dried banana because it can have a bad aftertaste. This definitely has a nasty aftertaste.

Wai Lana Chips Barbeque

Let me preface this with saying I have never been a fan of barbecue or barbecue flavoring. Well as you may guess I hated these chips. Yes hate is a strong work but it is fitting here. The chip itself was nice and crispy but seriously that flavoring I just couldn’t get past.

Dandies all natural vanilla marshmallows

I’ve had these marshmallows before and they are really good. Nice and squishy and taste just like any other marshmallow. They have a subtle vanilla flavor. I wouldn’t ever just snack on marshmallows but these would taste great in hot Cocoa or mixed into ice cream.

Pipcorn sea salt and vinegar delicious mini popcorn

I’ve tried a different flavor of pipcorns and liked them. I’m always a fan of popcorn and salt and vinegar. I really feel like the mini popcorn kernels are a gimmick and these would be better if they were full size popcorn kernels. That being said these were delicious and I happily ate the whole bag (which is more than I can say for other things).

Our little rebellion Popcorners Salt of the Earth

These chips are good. My only issue with them is that they serve them on Jetblue and I used to fly Jetblue whenever I went to visit Alan when we were long distance. For that reason these just kind of make me sad because I feel like I’m flying home for seeing my boyfriend. I doubt this is a common issue to have with these chips, but it’s how I feel. Besides the sadness the chips are good, nice and salty with a hit of corn flavor.

Made in Nature organic dried fruit Tropical Fusion

Okay I knew I probably would hate this because I hate ginger. Part of my issue with these is how small the pieces of fruit are because you can barely tell what it is. It also definitely has a hint of ginger. There also don’t seem to be any cocoa nibs even though they say on the package that it has cocoa nibs. I would much rather just eat some dried mango and not a mix of a bunch of different fruits.

Rawfusion raw plant-based protein fusion vanilla bean

I’m not a fan of protein powder so it should not be surprise that I didn’t like this one. It’s way to sugary for my liking. It really just tasted like your average protein powder. Alan told me it tasted like muscle milk so if you like muscle milk and want a vegan version then try this mixed with almond milk. I’ve never had muscle milk so I can’t compare the two. All in all I felt like this was a very average protein powder.  

The Cookie Department Great Full sweet potato cranberry & oatmeal

I’m not going to lie I was taken aback that this cookie has sweet potato in it. It actually was really good! It just tasted like an oatmeal raisin cookie. It is nice and moist which is rare in a premade cookie. I’m interested in seeing if they have any other flavors because oatmeal cookies have never been my fave. If I see this and am craving a cookie I definitely would pick it up.

Better Than Coffee 70% Dark Chocolate & Coconut

I have mutie issues with this snack. First of all it’s bitter and surprisingly hard. I expected dark chocolate and sort of a brownie consistency but I was wrong. Secondly, I tend to want a snack around 4 or 5 o’clock which isn’t too late for me to have caffeine. I don’t see myself eating this type of snack unless I get it in a snack box. I’ll definitely not be eating this one seen how it didn’t even taste good.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix

Unsurprisingly this doesn’t taste good. I don’t see how spicy mushroom hot chocolate could possibly be good or taste like hot chocolate. I smells right, but doesn’t taste right. It isn’t creamy enough to be a full hot chocolate. Maybe it would taste better mixed with a nondairy milk than it did with water, but I’m not convinced.

Elmhurst Milked Hazelnuts

I’ve never been a huge fan of milk: dairy or non-dairy milks. I usually drink almond milk, but I’m willing to give anything a try (as long as it’s vegan). First off I hate the name of this milk, I seriously don’t know why anyone would call something milked nuts. Well in terms of taste I also hated it. This milk seriously tastes like hazelnuts, which was off putting. I was expecting a slight hazelnut taste, but this tasted like straight up hazelnuts. I don’t know it just wasn’t my thing. 

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