About US

Founded on April 1st, Schmuck & Co could be considered an April Fools’ joke that has gotten way out of hand.
We’re a diverse group of smart, funny people who love gaming and talking about games, TV, movies, pop culture and much more. Basically we do silly stuff, and have fun while doing it.

Our major projects include Schmuck & Co’s weekly Live Streams, an (as yet) unreleased YouTube series, plus we’re always working on new ideas. Keep up with what we’re doing by following us on YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter for updates.

Join us, but not like in a cult way

The Schmucks


When asked about what we should put in his bio, Kris was too busy fixing the website to answer. App developer, game designer Kris is Schmuck & Co’s resident expert. On what? Everything. Kris, puts out fires in our stream setup, designs logos and makes the occasional wisecrack.

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Zach studied art and story telling, and carries this passion forward by watching movies, reading books, and absorbing any and all kinds of media. Zach also carries a sketchbook most places, and writes stories between the doodles. Follow Zach’s sporadically updated twitter for some glances at his art.

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For Jordanna’s entire life she has been too busy trying to be cool to admit her secret love of sci fi. She received Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Theater Arts and Philosophy from Loyola Marymount University, graduating Magna Cume Laude with Honors. Now she enjoys cooking up vegan treats for herself and her fiance, Alan, and playing with their cats.

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Gavrielle is a yeoman vegan, lover of carbs, baby animals, and books in that order. She performs in a variety of sketch comedy and improv groups around LA. Follow her on social media to hear about her upcoming performances. In her free time Gavrielle enjoys the blissful embrace of her comforter and the loving caress of her pillow beneath her head.

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Most of Alan’s time off-air is spent suffering through prepping for the California Bar exam. When actually enjoying his spare time, he reads epic poetry, and fantasy of all kinds. He has been called many things in his days: thinker, gamer, resident translator. He has three states of being: Suit Alan, Nerd Shirt Alan, Bathrobe Alan, which one will you meet? No tengan miedo de hablar con Alan.

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