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Dungeon Master Alan takes the helm and he takes us on a deep dive into RPGs. When Alan was young he confused mythology and lore for real history. While he didn’t hold on to that he still enjoys lore. And lasers just make everything better.


Tuesdays are now Non-Committal Tuesdays. We’re not ready to commit to specifics, but what I do know is that it’s happening every week, someone will be streaming, and, as it says on the logo – there will be “New Games. No Plans.”


Join Alan as he inducts Jordanna into the mysterious ways of video games. Will it break them up or bring them closer together? Only time will tell. And, their eventual marriage. They enjoy the Mass Effect series, long walks on the beach and anything they can play together.


You know what they say, some are born gamers others have gaming thrust upon them. Join a rotating cast of guests as we watch Gavrielle discover the world of video games. Gavrielle favors classic point and click adventure games and indie humor games. Also playing god in The Sims.

Do you have a backlog of games you’ve bought and never played? Kris and Zach do too. Watch them dust off old Triple A games, indie darlings they just never started, and early access games they just sort of forgot about.


Do you yearn for adventure?
Does the promise of unexplored lands excite you?
Is Indiana Jones your idol?
Let Brad be your guide through lost ruins, vast landscapes, and ancient horrors… only in video games of course. Join The Explorers Club today!