Five Years Together: A Retrospective

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In honor of my fifth anniversary with Alan I wanted to compare our first year and fifth year of our relationship. A lot has changed in the past few years. We’ve gone from long distance and not seeing each other for months at a time, to living and working together. So you know, just a little bit different.

The first year of our relationship was an absolute whirlwind. We started dating two weeks before I did a six week study abroad trip to Ireland. After spending six weeks in different countries I came home and spent less than 24 hours with Alan before he flew to Guatemala for two weeks. Once we finished all our travels we could finally spend some time together. Or so you’d think. We were both in college and Alan went to school in Boston while I was studying in LA. Once Alan came back from Guatemala we spent two wonderful weeks together before he went back to Boston for school. When he was in school we talked everyday for hours and hours on end, but weren’t able to see each other for two months. In October I was finally able to fly to Boston for the weekend to see Alan.

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Sephora Haul (Cruelty-free & Vegan) | Jordanna Harris

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I needed a few staples from Sephora and then ended up spending two hours swatching the entire store. Naturally I ended up taking far too many products home with me. Here is everything I decided to buy with some mini reviews and explanations of why I bought it. Everything is linked below.

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Favorites May

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I want to start doing monthly favorites so I’ve been trying a bunch of new products in May. These are all of the things that I’m loving. Like any beauty that I talk about all of these products are cruelty free and most of them are vegan.

Darling Magazine

It is rare that I find a magazine that I actually want to read, but Darling Magazine is way more than just a magazine. It is geared specifically to empowering women. They pride themselves on not photoshopping any of the women who appear in it. Most magazines make women feel horrible because they are all about how to lose weight, look good for a guy, do something men like in bed, and generally about tearing woman down as opposed to building them up. All the articles are written by women talking about an array of different experiences and subjects. It is a wonderful magazine and definitely worth reading.

365 Organic Pea Protein

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What I Eat When Everything Goes Wrong | Jordanna Harris

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So my last what I ate in a day video I mentioned that I was changing my diet to incorporate more protein into my diet and that I was eating a lot more faux meat in order to do it. Well that quickly ended. All the faux meat was making me feel horrible so I went back to focusing on whole foods and getting protein from legumes, tofu, and protein powders (that aren’t just sugar/crap). I kept mentioning in the video that I found a pea protein that I actually like. Most protein powders taste horrible and are full of crap so I was really excited when I found protein powder that has one ingredient and tastes fine.

I stupidly never actually showed you the protein power, but I found a link to it online so here it is: 365 Organic Pea Protein. This protein powder has one ingredient (pea protein isolate) which is one of the reasons I was attracted to it. I like to buy things that have as few ingredients as possible and don’t have a bunch of things that I can’t even pronounce. I’ve only had this protein powder mixed into a smoothie or in oatmeal so I don’t know how it tastes just mixed with non-dairy milk or water. Mixed into things the taste is barely noticeable. There is a very subtle pea flavor that I don’t mind at all. I really enjoy the taste of most green veggies so it add flavor to my (generally) green smoothies. I recommend trying this powder if you have a hard time stomaching most protein powders and want something more natural.

Trying Gross Vegan Snacks | Jordanna Harris

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I tried a bunch of vegan snacks from Thrive Market with Alan (my fiancee). Some of them turned out to be delicious and some of them were inedible. You’ll have to watch the video to find out which snacks were good and what was bad.

I would just like to say that I don’t eat like this all the time, but it is always fun to seek out new and weird vegan snacks to try. I stick to eating primarily whole plant foods, but if it’s vegan and it sounds good I’ll try it. I think there is too much focus on eating a certain way in the vegan community. I don’t see the point in limiting your diet even more then limiting it to being plant based. This is why when I was shopping on Thrive Market and found a snack that sounded tasty or weird like vegan jerky I bought it.

Beanfields Jalapeno Nacho Bean Chips ($2.95)
Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips ($2.75)
Sejoyia Foods Cheesy Herb Truffle Snip Chips ($4.25)
Go Raw Organic Raw Pizza Flax Snax ($3.65)
Calbee Snapea Crisps ($1.45)
Louisville Vegan Jerky ($5.45)

Vegan Cuts May Snack Box

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If you saw my last video then you’d know I just received my May Vegan Cuts Snack Box. In the last week I’ve done some serious snacking in order to try everything in the box. The box came with 12 snacks so this was quite a mission. There were some hits and some definite misses. Turns out snack boxes are really great if you ever wanted an easy way to find vegan snacks.

Pipcorn Cheddar Flavor Delicious Mini Popcorn

I absolutely love popcorn so I was really excited when I saw this cheddar flavored “pipcorn”. Sadly, I wasn’t too in love with the flavor. It definitely has a slight cheddar flavor, but it isn’t enough chees. I love me some cheese flavor. These are called pipcorn and not popcorn because they are smaller pieces of popcorn. It just seems like a gimmick and a weak selling point. I missed the size of normal popcorn kernels as I ate these. However, I do love that all their products are vegan and that they use natural ingredients. They also promote having “3x more pipcorn per cup than the other guys” which definitely seemed true. They actually filled the bag with kernels instead of mostly air.

Eat Your Coffee Mocha Latte Coffee Bar

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Unboxing Vegan Cuts May Snack Box | Jordanna Harris

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I ordered the Vegan Cuts Snack Box and this month was my first box. I wanted to share all the yummy snacks that came in it and give my thoughts of what I’m excited to try and what sounds kind of gross. If you want to read my full review of all the snacks come back Wednesday for my next blog.

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Vegan Cuts Snack Box:

Marriage Sounds Great, Weddings Sound Terrible

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I love Alan with every fiber in my being and know that I know I want him as my husband, that doesn’t mean I haven’t had some anxiety about getting married. It has never been about whether or not I picked the right guy. At least I know I’ve done that right. That said, the wedding and what people expect from a couple has given me anxiety.

Too Fast

It’s silly to me that Alan and I got criticized for getting engaged “too young” and are now getting criticized for taking “too long” to get married. Alan and I have been focused on different things and we are only now focusing on planning this damn wedding.

We got engaged two years ago. I was 23 years old. People were so surprised that I would make such a serious commitment at such a young age. That was probably because they assumed I would immediately get married. That was my original plan.  Alan (my fiancée) and I have been together since we were 20 and have known each other since we were 15. Getting engaged at 23 didn’t seem too fast. Now that we are looking to get married Spring of 2018 I know it definitely isn’t fast.

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Spring Old Navy Haul | Jordanna Harris

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I wanted to mix up my wardrobe for spring so I decided to do a little online shopping and bought a few pieces from Old Navy. I seem to always find myself not having enough tops. Of course by that I mean I have a ton of shirts, but I never want to wear any of them. One day I was feeling like nothing in my wardrobe was cute and trying on 38912 outfits before I finally settled on a shirt that I felt gross in, but I need to leave the house. Naturally this made me go online and try to find some cute options. I enjoy shopping at Old Navy because they have inexpensive clothing that are well made and cute. I tried to restrain myself this time and only buy a few items, but I also wanted to share them.

I mention a few times in the video that I find it really important to feel good in the clothing that you wear even if you aren’t happy with your size. I’ve struggled with my weight even since I was about 10 (thanks faulty thyroid for screwing me over) so I’m very used to not feeling happy in clothing. From personal experience I’m happier with my body and have healthy habits when I’m comfortable in my clothing. When things feel too small or I feel unattractive in them then I tend to think what’s the point in eating healthy I’m already not the size I want to be. So to stop myself from self-sabotage I buy a few new pieces of clothing when I’m feeling this way. I’ve done the opposite and decided I wasn’t going to buy anything because I wanted to loose weight, but sometimes that doesn’t happen as quickly was you want it to and you just have to buy a few things to make your feel better.

Mentioned in the video:

Black Lace Up Top ($19.94)
Pink Tank Top (16.94) 
Yellow Blouse ($29.94)
Blue Blouse (29.94)
Watermelon Button Down ($24.94)
Pinstripe Tunic ($26.94)

VegFest 2017 | Vlog

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Alan and I went to the LA VegFest and ate a bunch of yummy vegan food, bought a few cool items, and roasted in the sun.  Products mentioned in the video: and Go Vegan Chicks.

Festivals sound wonderful to me in theory, but in practice I don’t love them. I love the idea of mingling with a bunch of like minded people while looking at products and food that I like. That being said I hate crowds and the heat. This Sunday was an especially warm day and my body does not deal with high temperatures well at all. Seriously the heat affected me for days afterward. The crowds weren’t that bad unless you were trying to buy anything. The lines for the food made the whole event hard to enjoy. Alan and I were starving when we arrived and we waited over an hour to order and get our food. Combine that with 90 degree weather and you get a grumpy Jordanna.

Now lets talk about the food. I didn’t actually eat that much at VegFest. This was both due to long lines and high prices. I didn’t want to spend tons of money on food so I only got a few things. The best food that I had was from Mommy Tang. If you aren’t familiar with her youtube channel, and you like Korean cooking, I would highly recommend checking her out. She did a cooking demo at one of the tents and then passed out samples of her food. It was so delicious! It refueled my desire to learn how to cook more Asian dishes. The second best dish I had was the donut from Donut Friend. I’ve been vegan for over a year and half and I’ve tried a fair amount of vegan donuts, but none come close to Donut Friend. Most vegan attempts at making donuts end up tasting too bready or bland. The donut tasted like a regular donut; just a good old, delicious donut.  If you are in the LA area go try their food. I know I’ll be sampling a few more.